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I am a researcher in musical modernism and politics. I am also a freelance cellist and especially enjoy playing chamber music with my violinist sister yulee. I live near Hatfield House .

cultural perception

The crucial aspect of the cultural context in music making is created through reception. Listeners play vital roles in establishing music reception; often as professional critics, major patrons, and public audiences including the general consumers. Music reception affects the subsequent … Continue reading

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still on lifting the veil

Some additional remarks on performance analysis: Cook (1999) defines musical performance involving negotiations between the demands of physical gesture and sound (‘playing’) and those of notation and its associated verbal traditions (‘writing’). Heile’s (2006) claim on opera being an ideal … Continue reading

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analysing performance as lifting the veil

One of the Sir John Tavener’s biographers Piers Dudgeon used the title of biography as lifting the veil, which means uncovering certain stuff previously secretive. Could performance analysis lift the veil of The Protecting Veil? When the cultural analysis of … Continue reading

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Lifting the [protecting] veil

Cultural issues concerning musical modernism make the holy minimalism problematic yet motivating at the same time. This posting considers what are those challenging yet stimulating cultural issues in holy minimalism, and how cultural analysis could lift the [protecting] veil. The … Continue reading

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Blurred lines of holy minimalism

Holy minimalism might be the word that describes Tavener’s music most precisely, but his musical insights certainly is not “reducible to one-dimensional labels such as ‘holy minimalism’”. One might consider the lack of complexities in the minimalism by Tavener “felt like … Continue reading

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Cello as a metaphor

Composers take personal bonds with their instruments. There aren’t many cellist/composers around over the history. What roles did cellists play over the history? The Classical era’s cellist/composer Luigi Boccherini retained courtly and galante style, but the creative activities by cellist/composers in the Romantic … Continue reading

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playability matters 

Surely unique compositions should be a joy to explore to performers, but why are so many compositions in the modern era at the risky fate of being neglected? In times like this, renditions by musicians who encountered and/or collaborated with … Continue reading

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